Under the River


Psychogeography is a body technic, born with the Avant-garde art movements, that aims to investigate an urban space by walking.
Today it has become a practice conveying various fields of knowledge focused on the understanding of the territory.
Crossing a territory, strictly on foot, it means to understand and interpret the contemporary landscape, beyond its cliches.
This technique is connected with the so-called Flâneurism, whose meaning is associated to the flâneur, a literary Frenchman from 19th-century, who used to wander with no purpose in the streets of Paris.

I started this practice in 2009 when I was living in Vienna. Since then I’ve been crossing the streets of different cities with my camera.
I didn’t expect anything from these walks except than satisfy my willing to learn about these places.
Getting to know that there was a theory behind this practice it was a relief because it suddenly fulfilled with meaning what I was doing.

The River Thames divides London in two parts, the southern part includes 12 boroughs and this is my journey through them as a flâneur while I was living there.

Have a good walk!

London, UK. 2012-2014.

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