Sharing Art 2017

Even this year the exhibition "Sharing Art" was held at BASE-Milano and 30 illustrators were invited to show a piece of work with the theme "Sharing Economy". Like last year I was invited...

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Inner Landscape

Recently I was asked by Elisabetta Portoghese, director of Castelnuovo Fotografia Festival, to give a definition of Inner Landscape. After thinking about for a while I ended up with these...

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Cover for IL

I made the cover for the September issue of IL - Idee e Lifestyle del SOLE 24 ORE, the magazine I'm contributor to. The cover story it's about a geopolitics piece written by the editor in chi...

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June 27, 2017
2017 Venice Biennale Art

Viva Arte Viva Bienniale Art 2017 After a busy spring of work commitments, I finally have a couple of days to visit (I must admit, for the first time in my life) the Venice Biennale of...

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