SPES Accademy

SPES Academy is a Non-Profit Organisation founded in 2015 by a group of people working in the European professional soccer.
The academy is located in Thiès, Senegal, and it hosts a team of promising young footballers.

The main goals of the academy are: increasing hope for the future of young Africans through excellent education, encouraging the development of the sports, stimulating social interaction, highlighting the sporting values and integrating them into the school system, and finally creating a safe and efficient vehicle that can offer both rights (sports and education) and obligations (study and rules).


In June 2018 the “Under 19” tournament organized by SPES Academy reached its third edition.
The most important talents of the Senegalese youth soccer competed from 26 to 29 June at the Iba-Mar-Diop stadium of Dakar.

This work was published on the 2018 October issue of Style Magazine – Il Corriere della Sera, with text by Enrico Dal Buono.

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