Soumbedioune Waste

Dakar is the main “solid waste producer”of Senegal with about 2,000 tons of solid waste per day.
However, the Solid Waste Management of the Senegalese capital is inadequate and inefficient. Households are not equipped to properly store their waste leading to the proliferation of uncontrolled dumping in the streets, yards, abandoned houses or illegal dumpsites. Also at the government/policy level there is a lack of clear delineation between national and municipal responsibilities, plus an ineffective planning as well as constrained financial resources.
Poor Waste Management poses increasingly negative consequences risk to the environment, public health and quality of life.
(Source: Solid Waste Management and Risks to Health in Urban Africa. A Study of Dakar City, Senegal by African Population of Health Research Centre and Urban Africa: Risk Knowledge).

Soumbedioune Beach, Dakar (Senegal). June 2018.

This image was taken in one of the main touristic areas of Dakar, Soumbedioune Beach.
This is also the place where the fish market is held every day.
Here the waste merge with the sand creating colourful patterns.
However, a new quay close to the beach was recently completed and it will be the new location for the fish market. The new spot will be fully equipped with an ice factory, a cold room, a fish-processing area and a retail point.
Hopefully, with a new location for the fish market, the beach should turn back to its original nature.