Koen Vanmechelen is an internationally acclaimed conceptual artist from Belgium.

His work deals with bio-cultural diversity and identity.
By bringing together and exploring the interplay between art, science and philosophy, Vanmechelen reflects upon the global heritage and examines the way people choose to live and evolve.
Multi-disciplinary collaborations and community engagement are the key points of his approach.

Labiomista is his latest project.
Literally ‘mix of life’, Labiomista aims to be the model for the idea that Art is meant to be part of the society and engage with people.
It is both a laboratory and a library of biocultural diversity.

Labiomista is situated at the intersection between city and countryside, industry and community.
The site is a former public zoo in the Belgian city of Genk and it’s also where the artist’s animals live and breed.

With support from local government, as well as private stakeholders, and in collaboration with Flanders and Limburg Tourism, LABIOMISTA is being developed as a public-private partnership between Vanmechelen and the city of Genk. It consists of three parts: a villa, a park and the artist’ studio designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta.

Each one of the three parts represent a different identity: humanity, nature, and the interplay and tension between them. A new exploration between man and nature begins in the search for a new balance.