Grey Grass

Grey Grass is a photographic survey of East Milan, Italy, carried on between 2011 and 2015.

The work is focused on the transformation of the countryside before the world fair “Expo Milano 2015”.

Around a thousand hectares of fertile agricultural land were swept away to build two new highways, involving many local farming and threatening the survival of the lombard agriculture.

Raffaele Vertaldi, curator and picture editor, stated: “Diego made a very personal survey of a complex and multifaceted reality seen with romantic eyes. We cannot call it an analytical work. Diego himself confirmed he was not interested to document the downside. His position is clear, it’s not a pure investigation. It is a personal work, an intimate and heartfelt research on his own land, but still with some investigative characters. This approach allowed him to see things that other people wouldn’t have seen and it is the beauty and the strength of his work.”

Grey Grass (newspaper)
Free press tabloid newspaper
Printed in UK
Year: May 2015
24 pages
Full page size: 370mm x 289mm
Paper: 70gsm 100% recycled CYCLUS
Edition of 1000
Editing by Raffaele Vertaldi
Design by TOMO TOMO
Text by Luca Martinelli
English translation by Geraldine Convery

08 Aprile 2021 - Incontri di fotografia LAB27: Diego Mayon, Luca Martinelli e Raffaele Vertaldi - "Prati di asfalto". Con Steve Bisson (Direttore Artistico LAB27).
Castelnuovo di Porto (Rome), September 2017. Exhibition as winner of "Castelnuovo Fotografia Festival - CDPzine Contest 2016", curated by Niccolò Fano (Matèria Gallery).

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