Carrara Marble Tours

The Tuscan city of Carrara is best known for its high quality marble, which is one of the greatest excellences of the italian industry.

Just above the city, in the Apuan Alps, there are three valleys of marble quarries: Torano, Colonnata and Fantiscritti.

Even though the mountain of the first one is heavily cracked, the other two are spectacular places arranged to welcome tourists, especially in the summer, where it’s possible to visit two types of quarries, open air and inside the caves.

Since these are active working sites, this kind of entertainment is called “Industrial Tourism”.
Most of the tourists are Americans, Germans, Asians and, obviously, Italians.
Apart from the tours there are few laboratories and shops selling cheap souvenirs or precious pieces. The best sellers are the Madonnas and the sails, which most of the time aren’t even made of pure marble, but only of marble dust.

This situation is a good example that reflects the all Tourism organisation in Italy nowadays.