Prostitution is legal in Greece and the greek authorities recently decided to implement a 1999 law that stipulates that all brothels must have permits.

There are different kind of brothels and the top class ones are called Studio.
There are a number of differences from the normal brothels. The buildings are more discreet, cleaner and tidier, and the attitude of the prostitutes is more polite in comparison to the normal ones. The price is also higher, around 50 euro.

There is a person at the entrance welcoming the clients and once inside there is a waiting room where the girls available come out to show themselves. At this point the client can decide whether to stay or to leave. If they decide to stay, a negotiation begins to agree pricing, services and time.

These brothels are usually recognizable by a pink neon sign with the word Studio at the front door.


This work won the third prize of the 2017 Sony World Photography Award – Professional Architecture Category

Russ O’Connell, Picture Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine (UK) : “The neon signs is the continuous thread throughout the series, depicting the studio. Behind the façade of this very discreet signage, there is a whole different world and a whole different industry going on – unknown to the rest of the world.”

Huck Magazine, UK: “Diego Mayon’s ethereal project, mostly shot at night, has a beautiful Lynchian vibe.”